Colégio Vértice

Since its foundation, Vértice sees each student as an individual with strengths and skills to be developed, valued and improved. This approach blends cognitive and socioemotional aspects and is intended to foster students’ full development and help them become independent and responsible citizens who can successfully overcome specific and universal challenges, whether in Brazil or in any other place in the world.

For this reason, from Early Childhood Education to High School, our highly-qualified and committed teaching staff works with students in an individualized and welcoming way, creating emotional bonds with them in an environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity and is conducive to healthy and productive learning.

This is supported by solid pillars and well-founded pedagogical guidelines and strategies, aligned with the demands of an ever-changing world.

Students are constantly observed and guided inside and outside the classroom by teachers and the Educational Guidance team. Working in collaboration, they offer support through customized assistance, school content review, and other actions that directly contribute to students’ routine and academic achievement. Educational Guidance team members support the design of study plans and guide students on the organization and design of their daily activities schedule.

The layout of the classrooms was also designed to favor close interaction between teachers and students.

The Educational Guidance Department, also known as OE, helps mediate conflicts, ensures the individual and collective well-being of students, and supports emotional health activities and initiatives, either as part of the school curriculum (according to the Brazilian Common Core) or outside it. Each segment has an exclusive team.

By being constantly prepared and playing the role of active listeners, Educational Guidance team members also facilitate effective communication with students’ families to engage them in students’ education.

Throughout their school lives, students are encouraged to play leading roles in the education and learning process by acquiring knowledge, finding pleasure in their studies, and building on interdisciplinary experiences. Thus, from early grades, children are guided and supported to develop autonomy and responsibility in carrying out their tasks, such as homework.

Helping students prepare for class is another strength of Vértice. Students are instructed to read or watch videos and review other materials about the subjects that will be covered in class. Consequently, interactions in the classroom are much more productive and dynamic – thus creating an environment for discussion and reflection. In this scenario, students are challenged to solve problems, study cases, and seek and apply solutions. All that is translated into effective and meaningful learning.

These methodologies are supported by a continuous assessment system. The system encompasses cognitive, and social, and emotional skills, which are associated with qualitative grades. Qualitative grades focus on behavioral evidence, already known by students. Quantitative grades measure knowledge acquisition through bimonthly exams and V.A.s (Learning Checks).

In line with the new demands of a connected world and with the School’s proposal for a dynamic and comprehensive development approach, Vértice stimulates intellectual curiosity from a universe of possibilities and in the most varied fields of knowledge. This happens through Vértice Experiences initiative that offers projects, actions, experiences and a curriculum that complements the one covered in class to students of all ages.

This initiative helps students experiment, create, practice, and own the learning process, putting their knowledge into practice.

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