Colégio Vértice

Vértice is located in the heart of Campo Belo, a neighborhood in the south of São Paulo. The School’s yellow walls and vast green areas are its architectural trademarks. These characteristics, combined with educational facilities designed to meet the needs and provide a sense of well-being to each age group, make our School truly unique and welcoming.

Vértice’s main building has two floors, in addition to the Vértice Cultural Center building, and the administrative building. Located on Princesa Isabel street, the Elementary School campus (opened in 2019) has an innovative architectural design and combines the essence of Vértice with the new demands posed by this generation. The Middle and High School campus is located on Vieira de Morais street and is connected from the inside to the Early Childhood and Beyond the Classroom buildings.

Vértice’s classrooms are suitable for each age group to stimulate students’ learning and interaction process as much as possible, in a welcoming and healthy way. The layout of students’ desks and colors, elements, and shapes in the room are specially designed for each school grade, and classrooms can be modular or fixed.

Our infrastructure also includes environments designed for the best use of special and supporting classes. We have rooms for Music, Arts, Cooking, Multicultural Activities, English, German, as well as Auditoriums for performances and group activities.

For scientific and technological experiments, in which students create, test, engage in solving real problems, and experience classroom learning, activities take place in highly-equipped and prepared rooms, such as Maker Space, Lab Maker, Vértice Scientific Lab, and Vértice Technological Lab.

Students have access to Paneria, a cafeteria run by multinational company GRSA. The cafeteria is supervised daily by a nutrition specialist and offers a wide variety of snacks. Options are healthy, balanced and tasty, and include baked goods, sandwiches with natural and fresh ingredients, fruit and juice. Students can also choose from three lunch options every day – the monthly menu is always posted on the App.

The Elementary School campus offers a food cart from where younger students can choose and buy their own snacks.

Students in Beyond the Classroom program can buy different options of lunch and snacks. Meals are part of the program’s activities and are a very pleasant time for children.

From early grades, students at Vértice are motivated to explore the wide universe of reading, and they learn that building a reading habit is extremely positive for their lives. Therefore, the School’s library has over 15,000 titles, and its layout, furniture and colors favor an even greater interaction with books. Other environments encourage reading and play, such as the Imagination Room in Elementary School.

Vértice has two multisport courts, where training sessions, Physical Education classes, championships and other activities are held; and a specific court for Early Childhood Education, with dimensions suitable for children.

Also, our trophies, medals and photos of our sports history are exhibited in Vértice Sports Gallery!

Students of all age groups have access to green spaces and gardens that allow mental rest, connection with nature, and interaction at snack time. Our gardening team takes care of these areas with a lot of hard work and dedication, and with the help of students, especially in composting.