Colégio Vértice

Scientific knowledge is one of the foundations for developing society, both now and in the future. For this reason, an investigative spirit is valued in different ways at Vértice. In multidisciplinary projects, extracurricular activities, academic Olympics, scientific challenges, workshops, and other initiatives, students actively “engage in science”. In this rich learning process, classroom content is experienced, observed, tested and applied.

Several of the projects carried out during the year are exhibited annually at Vértice Science Fair. In 2019, the fair got an update in its format: it is now a dynamic and interactive circuit divided by thematic stations (by grade). More than 70 Middle and High School projects were exhibited through models, experiments, scientific discoveries, and real problem-solving.

In the freshman year of High School, students carry out a detailed research study throughout the school year, using scientific methodology immersion. In the process, they check hypotheses and reports until they come up with a proposal to solve social, economic, or environmental problems. The solutions are exhibited at the Science Fair in the form of discussion panels, as in actual Scientific Congresses. “Generating energy from asphalt heat”, “Biodegradable plate made from potato skins”, “Drainage pavements to prevent flooding” and “Pedaling to charge a mobile phone battery” were some of the works presented in the last edition of the event.

Vértice also encourages students to participate in scientific Olympics to stimulate a deeper understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Astronomy, among others, to broaden students’ experience in competitions, and to develop talents. The School sets up special study groups with teachers to help prepare students for the competitions. This is reflected in the positive results achieved by students, such as medals and mentions in major national competitions.