Colégio Vértice

High School is the final stage of basic education, in which students are faced with new challenges and have the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout their school lives. At Vértice, we affectionately describe students as individuals who are spreading their wings to soar beyond our yellow walls, taking with them a solid ethical and academic background. The School then plays a fundamental role in helping each of them conceive their life projects. Students reach a moment in their school lives when they have to think about their college entrance exams, professional training, the labor market and personal fulfillment.

This encompasses several fronts: classroom syllabus, interdisciplinary projects, academic competitions in different areas, complementary curriculum with elective experiences, close and welcoming follow-up from the Educational Guidance Department, and a strong Vocational Guidance program offered by Vértice. All that sets students to expand their repertoire of experiences, improve their self-awareness and acquire skills to make a difference in an ever-changing world.

In the classroom and through projects and experiences, students are encouraged to apply what they have learned, propose interventions, exercise a collaborative attitude, flexibility, responsibility, use creativity to solve real problems, and experiment with possibilities. These abilities and tools will prove themselves to be crucial and help students make more assertive choices and face current and future demands.

Iniciatives and Projects

Iniciativas e projetos

In addition to classes and projects, students can take a variety of elective subjects that stimulate their development and offer experiences that complement the regular High School curriculum.  Activities, lectures and workshops that engagingly and actively cover different fields of knowledge place students at the center of the learning process. The School also offers a Vocational Guidance project that helps students choose a career.

Students are supported by teachers qualified to assist them in vocational matters, and they take part in different vocational guidance activities that are first offered in the 10th grade of of High School. From this moment on, the School follows each student closely: performance, competencies and skills, study behaviors, school subjects that are more easily understood, as well as major difficulties. Students also participate in group activities to improve their self-awareness based on a set of interests.

To enable students to gain a better understanding of the labor market, the project continues in the 11th grade of High School, with activities exploring the curriculum of other higher education institutions. In the senior year of High School, vocational guidance experts provide individualized assistance, always based on information about the students’ performance. Lectures, guided visits and labor market assessments are additional information offered throughout this period.

The guidance offered over High School years provides students with a great opportunity to reflect on their future and prompts them to make careful and informed decisions.

With a pedagogical project that values academic excellence, respect, autonomy, empathy and responsibility, and by unlocking students’ potential based on individual needs and characteristics, Vértice has become one of Brazil’s most well-regarded basic education institutions. More than just numbers, the results below show our achievements, the dedication and hard work of students and teachers, students’ dreams coming true, purposes… our #yellowstrength.