Colégio Vértice

Vértice considers Sports an important tool to develop and transform. Inside and outside the School’s yellow walls, our students experience sports in different modalities:

– Badminton

– Basketball

– Soccer

– Judo

– Table tennis

– Volleyball

From extracurricular courses taken in early grades to sports training in High School, children and adolescents are encouraged to use sports as an important tool for life.

In internal competitions, such as OliVértice, and external competitions, such as Diggio Cup and Play FC, our athletes stand out for their competitive spirit, respect, fair play, team spirit, loyalty and commitment. This has earned us many titles and achievements, which are celebrated by the entire school community; after all, our fans are always present and active!

Because of its good performance in competitions, in 2019 Vértice became one of the first licensed units of NBA Basketball School, an NBA program that offers the world’s most successful basketball teaching method to children and youngsters all over Brazil.  Currently, the initiative is benefitting more than 5,000 players in 16 Brazilian states.

Our students have already taken part in several activities and actions, putting the league’s methodology concepts and principles into practice. Personalized uniforms, sports coach training, interactions with basketball personalities, a visit by a famous mascot, skill development camp, and friendly matches are part of the annual program

Sports experiences go beyond the national territory. After defeating 7 teams and winning Gatorade 5V5 Cup in Brazil, our men’s five-a-side soccer team represented Brazil in the United Kingdom. The 17 competing delegations were offered a special dinner, a tour to Arsenal Stadium, a lecture with Thierry Henry and Robert Pires, and had the chance to enjoy a series of matches.

On another occasion, Vértice athletes taking a sports exchange program got to the finals of the Paris World Games silver series, in France. The tournament gathered 10,000 athletes from schools and teams from all around the world. Our five-a-side soccer team also won the Fair Play trophy in the category. 


Also in Europe, this time in Spain, the men’s five-a-side soccer team (under 16) competed in Costa Blanca Cup, in 2019. Our team faced opponents from different countries, and our athletes visited several stadiums, as well as local tourist attractions.

Great volleyball, soccer, athletics, rowing, basketball, Paralympic judo and other sports celebrities have visited the School. Vértice hosts these meetings to give students the opportunity to meet and share experiences with high-performance athletes. Guests talk about resilience, remarkable moments of their careers and how Sports have changed their lives.